Strategy Marketing Group


Through our passion of motorsports, SMG offers nationwide advertising opportunities for your business as well as racer sponsorship opportunities. Our goal is to expand your business reach while helping up and coming racers like Wesley Samford become the next SuperMoto champion and Marcus Culvert to become Drag Racing’s fastest paraplegic racer.

Strategy Marketing Group

Why Advertise and Sponsor?

Racers are a vast and unique family who connect with each other online and offline through their love of racing. If you think social media is big, try matching it to your target audience who actually talk to each other face to face along with record breaking crowds at local and national events.

Racer Sponsorship

SMG can boost your brand whether you are up and coming or established to attain the sponsorship you need to excel your race program. We offer a complete detailed program working with one of the top Motorsport branding specialists in the industry.

Strategy Marketing Group

Wounded Motorsport Warriors

SMG is teaming up with Marcus Culvert to support injured racers and their families in time of need through the Unity Cares Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit. Our goal is help racers who have had life changing accidents recover physically, emotionally and financially so they can continue their passion for racing.

Proceeds are for recovery and living assistance only. All racing activity is funded via sponsors who wish to be apart of our journey.