communication strategy

Optimizing your brand’s communication strategy is the number one activity when it comes to marketing. However, the constant innovation of technology seem to emphasize digital marketing channels more and more, making them an easier way to promote brands. Nevertheless, in order to convey the company’s message effectively, marketing managers must not forget the importance of using traditional marketing channels in their integrated marketing systems as well.

Trade fairs are considered to be the ‘old, but gold’ marketing communication tool. Their wide and versatile range of advantages they offer makes them a necessity in the company’s marketing strategy.

Starting with the fact that trade fairs are powerful and interactive exhibitions for your products. Trade fairs allow you to organize your own personal exhibition among other competitors on one neutral ground. This is a perfect way to express the unique features that differentiate your brand from the other ones in front of your potential customers. These exhibitions offer many instruments that can be used as enhancers of sensory appeal to the guests such as live and video presentations, films, lighting, music, scents, refreshments, giveaways etc.

Trade fairs give the opportunity to present the products face-to- face, in real time and to the real potential customers. A great deal about trade fairs is that the actual thematic of the fair attracts the target group and makes it easier for the companies because it sets them free from the time- consuming and financial effort they normally put in selecting the targets. Trade fairs are also a neutral ground which serves as a platform where various brands represent themselves at the same time. This lets the visitors to feel more comfortable because they can blend into the crowd without being obliged to purchase something. Visitors are motivated because they have come there on their own initiative based on their own interest and will feel more positive about exhibiting the brands.