staff training

Trade fairs can have a serious impact over a company’s sales and the overall brand perception. A successful representation at a trade fair can be achieved not only by the help of the products that are displayed, but also by the organization of the stand. A huge part of the stands is the stuff that presents the brand and the products. The personnel have a direct contact with the fair visitors that include current customers, potential investors and the press. This means that a high-training and preparation of the staff is absolutely mandatory.

First and foremost, the upper management of the firm should set the objectives they want to achieve with the trade fairs. What follows next is a careful recruitment of the staff which will represent the brand itself. The staff should be educated on every aspect of the brand and the products and services it offers, to the point where they can easily identify with the brand. They should be able to respond to any given question by the trade visitors with the right answer and the right attitude. This means, that the personnel hasn’t only got the expertise but has a high level of social and analytic skills. A good observation and analytic ability is crucial for the staff to quickly separate the “lookers” from the “buyers”. Then, the right interaction with the visitors is needed in order to grab their attention and increase their interest in the brand. They have the duty to maintain a professional atmosphere and attract the visitors. The visitors don’t want to waste their time on just one brand at the fair so the staff at the stand should meet as many prospects as they can in a short time.

Stand personnel training has a positive impact on the brand perception, bonding with the customers and the sales increasement.