video technology

Fair exhibitions are a great opportunity for the visitors to see and examine in person the products they are interested in. Hereby, it is important to highlight every sensory appeal and make sure the atmosphere of the stand as a whole offers a unique and pleasant experience for the visitor. Attracting the visitors to your stand is the first objective that should be achieved. They give the firm an opportunity to not only show the products or describe the service, but also create that all important first impression.

Video projections, presentations with cinemagraph videos shown on big screens or even a 3D projection if possible around the fair halls can be really helpful with supporting the exhibitors’ visibility at the fairs. Making the fair experience more fun and catchy can be done with the help of modern video technology, and it could support the exhibitors with attracting the visitors to their stand. With the great competitive atmosphere in the fair halls these activities could be raised up to the attention of the visitors using more ‘lively’ and vibrant presentation, respectively to the image the brand wants to present. The exhibition organizers should have the courage to use more imagination in bringing the white walls to life, and show the unique value the brand offers that is truly distinctive from the other exhibitors’ standing next to them. They should do something out of the ordinary, which will enhance the wow factors at the fair.

Video presentations are the perfect way to capture visitors’ attention in a short time, without having to repeat the same face-to- face presentations, which will result in saving the visitors’ time. Also, videos are quite entertaining due to the fact that video caters to both the brains’ visual and auditory systems. They can easily show signals like facial expressions, body language, sounds, lightning and video effects. This can draw out an emotional bond with the brand that will have an effect of the further customers’ choices or buying actions.